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Almost each and everyone from a student to a government official or even the celebrities are heard talking about the climate change and the climate crisis in general.An argument that we very often come across in the climate crisis discussions is “the need to reduce the carbon footprint”. So before we talk about the ways of reducing carbon footprints, one must know what exactly is carbon foot-printing?

Winner's name : GAURI BHARDWAJ

Location :  New Delhi

Prizes :   Cash prize, Additional prizes, Achievement letter &



Second Place

This blog is about the economic reforms that has been introduced by Indian Government and the reforms which should be introduced in order to save Indian Economy downfall due to COVID 19. In this blog I have enlisted the Best reforms from all the Relief Packages introduced in the World to fight against COVID 19 introduced economic downfall. It includes information about Aatmanirbhar Bharat Package and the questions which were not answered in it. To answer those questions I have added the column "what can be done" which enlist policies that require instant implementation.

Winner's name : PRACHI PALLAVI

Location  :  New Delhi

Prizes :   Cash prize, Additional prizes, Achievement letter &   


Third Place

Blog talked about menstruation, where a lot of unheard pains and myths are linked , so the problem lies in expressing it publicly or a shame, so emphasis must be laid on PERIOD EDUCATION, just like normal school education. Both men and women must be aware of its necessities and importance , also campaigning, conducting plays, organising events for the same must be done.

Winner's name : DHRITI JAIN

Location  :  New Delhi

Prizes :  Additional prizes, Achievement letter & Certificate

Honorable Mention

The False Reality

The problem that the blog addresses is something that oftentimes gets unnoticed. It's about false propaganda in the name of the advertisement or incessant brainwashing through media, political leaders, cults. The article is my humble attempt to create a sense of awareness among the masses to inculcate a scientific fact-driven rational approach to things rather than believing that something is right just because everyone is doing it. It's to break the shackles of following orthodox views in the name of religion, politics, or mass-media in general. The article highlights some points that are so logical yet people are blindfolded to it.

Winner's name : YASH MATE

Location  :  MAHARASHTRA

Prizes :  Additional prizes, Achievement letter & Certificate.

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