India's Response to COVID 19: What has been done & what more could be done? - WINNER

This blog is about the economic reforms that has been introduced by Indian Government and the reforms which should be introduced in order to save Indian Economy downfall due to COVID 19. In this blog I have enlisted the Best reforms from all the Relief Packages introduced in the World to fight against COVID 19 introduced economic downfall. It includes information about Aatmanirbhar Bharat Package and the questions which were not answered in it. To answer those questions I have added the column "what can be done" which enlist policies that require instant implementation. It also includes the References for all the data that has been mentioned in the Blog.

A step towards nature: lowdown on carbon footprint and sustainable ways to combat it- WINNER

The blog focuses on the problem of carbon footprint and environmental crisis. it gives a brief description about the carbon footprint and some sustainable ways to combat it.

Malnutrition and Poor Primary Education - FINALIST

My blog is all about challanges, facts related to Malnutrition and Poor Primary Education with the steps that are taken by government to stop it and what we as an individual can do to eradicate these issues from our society.

Impact of Covid-19 -FINALIST

My blog states the impact of covid-19 in pharma world and also how the  social distancing, lockdown and innovations are helping in covid-19.

Period Myths and Education- WINNER

I have talked about menstruation, where alot of unheard pain and myths are linked , so the problem lies in expressing it publicly or a shame, so emphasis must be laid on PERIOD EDUCATION, just like normal school education. Both men and women must be aware of its necessities and importance , also campaigning , conducting plays, organising events for the same must be done.

Emad Masroor's Blog - FINALIST

The problem that I have attempted to solve is Poverty, Inequality. I have tried to formulate some arguments with the help of stories that are relevant and relatable. I have presented some statistics in the blog and I have tried to keep it simple so that the youth can relate. This blog will definitely serve a purpose of a wake up call for those who are oblivious to one of the most prevalent issue globally.

The False Reality- WINNER

The problem that the blog addresses is something that oftentimes gets unnoticed. It's about false propaganda in the name of the advertisement or incessant brainwashing through media, political leaders, cults. The article is my humble attempt to create a sense of awareness among the masses to inculcate a scientific fact-driven rational approach to things rather than believing that something is right just because everyone is doing it. It's to break the shackles of following orthodox views in the name of religion, politics, or mass-media in general. The article highlights some points that are so logical yet people are blindfolded to it.

Artificial Intelligence: A Beacon or Another Dark Element - FINALIST

This blog is about Artificial Intelligence describing about this technology and its capability by means of some examples and also the origin of AI. This blog also describes the danger this tech poses to humans and how can we prevent those dangers to take place and live in harmony.

Men Support Feminism

All men are not the same there are men who support feminism and they hate pseudo feminism

Pandemic 2020

The blog is about the current situation in the world. different sections of the society have suffered in a different effect. what are the impacts on old people, children, and youngsters followed by suggestions.

An Unabashed Change Maker.

Apart from the other major problems, I intended to tackle the ever increasing problem of unity. I attempted to tackle the problem of one human ostracising another despite belonging to one great race/religion - Humanity.

The demon named 'Patriarchy'

The blog throws a light on the patriarchal system of our society and suggests few ways to fight against it!


Pharmacist as health care professional are not being valued and respected as they deserve to be. There are various underline reasons  one of which is the renting of license. The pharmacist themselves are responsible for this issue. The pharmacist, authorities and other personnel have to stepup and take some measurements to resolve this issue and to follow the code of ethics.

We make Change!

There are multiple problem we have in this world for tackle. and the fact that all of the problems have made by us. despite the fact if we can make problems we can also solve them by just a change! Love your world it will love you back by giving you bright future.

अपना गांव

We all know about today situation of the India's but our villagers people are how to struggle this covid-19 and lockdown


The blog is about fake feminism . How the women are misusing their rights and power against man . It tells the hidden truth of society .
It tells how an action is performed by both man and women but the women is right and the men is wrong . Nowdays every is ignoring the main aspect of feminism that is equality . Everyone out there are  not feminist they all are pseudo feminist .

Talk on Menstruation: Unhide the hidden shame

Through this blog, I have tried to solve the problems faced by females during periods and have tried to hit down the societal norms and dogmas related o this very issue. Let's bring this issue out of the concept of being a taboo.

Covid-19 warriors

Blog is about covid 19.

Water scarcity over the world

I prepared my blog on water scarcity and its solutions.


I identify as a feminist cis-gendered queer woman and I wanted to make spread awareness and talk about the issue of gender inequality through my art- poetry and writing. This issue is being addressed for ages and through all forms of communication possible. I started this blog because I believed I observe things around me that people normally wouldn't and I can deliver them in a subtle, metaphorical way to educate people about it. My way of solving this issue is by educating people about it and not attacking those who act problematical, because at the end of the day it's all conditioning which needs to be unlearnt.

Mera Pati Mera Devta Hai

It's about domestic violence. The cases of domestic violence have gone  in the lockdown period. Women have became more vulnerable.


The Blog is about the LOCKDOWN LIFE everyone is facing during this pandemic Corona Virus Disease. I had talked about the situations and traumas through which I and many people going through. The solution that I had talked about is how we can manage our time and prevents us from anxiety, tension and various mood swings. We will definitely come out of the disease very soon.

Pseudo Feminism

People who call themselves feminist just by posting stories on social media instead of learning what it's all about

Women, Children and Sanitary Pads- the Apparent Environmental Enemies

What fundamental economic and political change, if any, is needed for an effective response to climate change?For decades the world has been aware that human activity is heating up the planet to dangerous levels, with potentially calamitous consequences.  Perhaps new thinking is needed, since previous attempts to deal with the problem have failed.


Venom injectors of your life need to be avoided as they ruin your life in every possible way.Some people claim to be someone they are completely not.Avoid them and move on

अपनी भाषा पर गर्व करो

मैं चाहता हूं कि हर कोई अपनी भाषा का सम्मान करे।

Labor crisis in this pandemic

This blog focuses on pathetic condition of labor in this pandemic.It also indicate the measures taken by government, policies by ILO and my views.

Who am i?

 We all at one stage ask ourselves who am i ?
So in my entire blog i am describing the obstacle , situation and the questions we ask ourselves with the solution ,by which the reader will automatically get the answer of the question who am i ?

Covid 19 and Lockdown : Threat to Human Life

 I have tried to describe two problems here which are the recent events. There are total 14 posts in which I have described both Corona Virus and Lockdown briefly. Many stories , poems , videos , posters , surveys and quizzes are there. I have designed this blog heartily. One who will read this blog and understand it carefully , it couldn't happen that he/she doesn't know anything about Covid-19 and Lockdown. For this blog , I had also designed one prototype which  thought you will like it. I have described my each post briefly.

The Sleepyhead

currently, we all are facing the COVID-19 pandemic and due to this pandemic led quarantine we all are locked down in our houses. As ample time and there is nothing much to do in our houses except thinking about the pandemic. So now we are noticing the changes this pandemic has brought in our lives. We definitely know that this pandemic is causing a lot of distress but we also know that crisis like this also brings something positive in humans or the environment. So here in this blogs I have explained some key takeaways from this pandemics.


Wonderful Education Hub.

This blog is regarding discrimination of hindi medium students which is a really a global problem i tried to sort it via my blog page that i developed specially to the students of rural area and hindi medium students.

Red Light Districts - Places where more than 2,00,000 children and women stolen from the Indian street

Its about human trafficking, child abuse and forced prostitution in India and the problems faced by them


It’s a difficult time for the fashion industry as they navigate through the troubled waters. The revenues of the apparel business have shrunk significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The business of India’s local designers who depend on retail stores for their sales has come to a standstill. Sales have come to a halt.

Empowerment or Equality?

This blog addresses the problem of gender equality and how people think that it is about empowering women.


Blog is about the problems that are faced by the countries .. that includes global warming, overpopulation, education system of India, diseases - the novel Covid-19, lockdown .. the blog includes all this with there solutions

Cyber Bullying

I am fine! - FINALIST

The blog is about depression. Depression is on of the major threats faced by the world today.The blog describes how a depressed person feels and ways to help them. It can be concluded that we should never give upon life and live it to the fullest.



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