Andragogy Forum is a team of college/ University students at the national level with a motive to extend, expand, and promote “knowledge for all”- one of the projects undertaken by Umeed- A Drop of Hope.


Andragogy forum extends its heartiest welcome to all the colleges and its students who want to operate under our name in their premises. Join hands with us and contribute your bits to welfare of society at whole. Everything comes with an advantage . Not just that you will be considered a socially active citizen, rather there are certain perks personally for you being a campus coordinator as well.

We design and conduct small but resourceful activities every month. This includes photography, poster making, group discussions, campaigns, donation drives, some fun quizzes, much more. We ensure that we provide you with purposeful activities that will help you showcase your talents and creativity.

- Multidimensional practical learning
-Technical development 
- Overall individual growth
-Professional mentorship
-Hands on experience to live projects
- Professional skills and public dealing 
-Organisational Leadership
+ Improvised business skills

-Certificate of membership 
-Certificate of volunteering
-Letter of Recommendation
-Internship, projects, competitions -free of cost


1. The campus ambassadors are expected to form a team in their respective colleges comprising of minimum 15 members. A core team for every college will be formulated separately.

2. Monthly activities communicated by the forum are supposed to be implemented by the teams within the respective timelines in their college premises.

3. The membership fees of ₹350 must be paid well in advance .

4. The campus ambassadors will remain in direct touch with our team in order to communicate their response or queries to us.


1. The certificate of volunteering will be offered after successful completion of the monthly activities. Minimum hours required will be 25 hrs for each member .

2. LOR will be given to extraordinary performers only. Coordinators will have to maintain their position for a term of 12 months in order to get a LOR.

3. LOR  will comprise of a performance rating out of 5 in total reflecting your level of performance with us.

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